Khanaan Bound?


“The people of God have ever been strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Though in the world, they are not of the world; and, both by their professions and their deportment, they declare plainly, that they seek  another country, as their final home. Hence, they walk not according to the course of this world, and are deaf to its enticements, and appear to have their eyes fixed on objects that the world sees not. So Moses endured, as seeing him who is invisible. So he turned his back on the pleasures of sin and the treasures of Egypt, and had respect unto the recompense of the reward, to be obtained in the future world. So patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, have lived for eternity, and have left their testimony to mankind, that they were not of this world, and that their treasure, their hearts, and their final home to which they journeyed, were in heaven. These examples call on us for imitation, and, if we possess the wisdom and spirit by which they were actuated, we too shall make it the business of our lives, to prepare for the future world.” – J.L Dagg (Manual of Theology)

“Since the motives to holiness, and to diligence in the pursuit of it, are drawn so abundantly from the future world, a knowledge of that world is of great importance to all men. Every man knows that the time of his continuance on earth is short and uncertain; and while fully assured that he must leave this world, and that the time of his departure is just at hand, to make no inquiry concerning the world to
which he is going, or to disregard authentic information concerning it, and the means of obtaining happiness there, is folly in the extreme. It is therefore wise to study the doctrine concerning the future world, and to study it as a subject of momentous personal interest. At every step in our progress, we should ask, how does this truth affect my heart? Am I so running, as to obtain? Are my prospects clear? Ought I not to renew my diligence, and to seek more earnestly the guidance and help needed, that I may finish my course with joy?” – J.L. Dagg (Manual of Theology)

J.L. Dagg and his Manual of Theology has left a lasting impression on my soul. These two passages have proven so helpful to me as I have sought to better understand the scriptures and how they affect the Christian life. J.L. Dagg believed that we should always live with the end in view. That we as travelers should always have our eyes cast to the horizon looking for a better country, a lasting kingdom not built by hands, our home.

It is this type of outlook that I wish this blog to portray. This blog is, in essence, an opportunity for me to think out how I feel concerning certain issues in theology and church life today, but I pray that, Lord willing, it might also help some who stumble upon this dusty side of cyberspace. I do not pretend that my thoughts are original, especially since most of my posts will likely come from quotes of men who have gone before. Yet, perhaps there will be something of newness to them as it has become apparent that the church of our day has completely lost sight of its history, and in doing so, has lost its moorings.

It is therefore, my goal to bring back to remembrance men who have been forgotten. Great men, not great form their own skill or wisdom, but those who have received a provision from God. Men who walked the old paths. Men who kept their gaze on the horizon looking for the coming kingdom of God. It is here, I hope, my friend that you might be reminded that there is a day coming for the believer when we will sit at the wedding feast of the lamb and feast with those who have gone before.  There is much more to life than the things that distract us as Americans. Why is it that we who are alive wish so much to appear to be corpses? Is it fitting for a prince to strive with all of his might to be a beggar? Then, let us turn from these fleeting pleasures together and seek a kingdom much more glorious than the one that is wasting away.To those dry bones who think that this world is the only one there will be, I plead with God that you might live and that you might see that this world is ash (for it will be baptized by fire0 and its current ruler a fool and a slave master. There is a king coming one a white horse who is more than just and is more than generous. Let us all look to His kingdom. We are, in this life, truly Khanaan bound.